Title: It’s Not Personal

Soundcloud Time: 1:11:59
Youtube Time: 1:18:07

Original Record Date: June 10, 2013
Soundcloud Publication Date: June 14, 2013
Youtube Publication Date: March 25, 2015

Please Welcome a Man
He may be quite old but he can still do it two times in a night.

Cool Kids

Guest Best Known
For writing two episodes of Dr. Snuggles.


Better or Worse than Last Week: Better
Like or Unlike Wikipedia: N/A

Member Member Note
Butlers shown on RH’s hand-held camera
Stewart RH asks him if he wants to do a double act
runs The Richard Onslow pub in Cranleigh
accompanied by his girlfriend Karen
David asked to confirm what JL said about quantum mechanics

Emergency Questions

Have you ever tried to suck your own cock?

Actually, no I don’t think so. Well I mean, maybe when I was sucking my toes I might have had a god but I really can’t remember.

If you could have a hand made of ham or an armpit that dispensed sun cream, which would you prefer?

This is like talking to Kirsty on Desert Island Discs. Could I have mustard in the armpit? Instead of sun cream? I love ham and mustard sandwiches. Can I have my cock in my armpit?

Have you ever seen a ghost?

No. But again it’s not something that I would necessarily rule out. But no, and I don’t personally believe in ghosts, but – I hesitate – that’s just my opinion it’s not fact.

Ben Evans: Archie: What’s it like being John Lloyd? (I want to be in the papers)

I remember when I was casting some kids in a commercial for something or other, and I said to them (they were about 7), “What’s your mum and dad like?” They said, “I don’t understand. They’re my mum and dad. There’s nothing else to say.” It’s the same thing. What it’s like being me? I don’t know – it’s all I know. Can anyone else thinking of an answer to that question?


Tells a story featuring Phil Fry.

JL asks RH whether he knows the number of chemicals in a carrot (Answer: “About 114.”)

JL and RH talk about where ideas/ jokes come from.

RH notes his dislike of the programme title Nevermind the Buzzcocks.