Title: Spaced By The Bell

Soundcloud Time: 1:42:08
Youtube Time: 1:47:27

Original Record Date: June 24, 2013
Soundcloud Publication Date: June 26, 2013
Youtube Publication Date: April 8, 2015

Please Welcome a Man
He can’t play Subbuteo but knows how to chat!

Cool Kids

Guest Best Known
As the Deep Thought Technician in the disappointing Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie.


Better or Worse than Last Week: N/A
Like or Unlike Wikipedia: N/A

Member Member Note
Unnamed RH tasked her with keeping an eye on his pants zipper to ensure it didn’t break in the middle of the interview
Andy McH RH shows him on hand-held camera to demonstrate Andy’s anger at the sucking cock emergency question being tweeted to EW prior to the podcast recording
John Galantini RH suggests that he’s sucked a pig’s cock
RH surprised at how attractive his wife is
Unnamed when RH asked the audience whether he was forgetting to ask EW anything, this member wanted the asparagus questions asked

Emergency Questions

Have you ever seen a ghost?

No, but my mother, who works as a cave guide at Wookey Hole Caves, she swore that she saw a ghost in the caves.

Have you ever tried to suck your own cock?

Not at Wookey Hole Caves.

If you could have a hand made of ham or an armpit that dispensed sun cream, which would you prefer?

I’d go for the hand of ham. I tend to stay out of the sun anyway so sun cream would be useless to me because I don’t tend to be in the sun. But I do like biting my nails, so the ham would be a tasty treat.

Ben Evans: Who is Ant Man and why does he merit a film about himself?

Well, you will see – I haven’t even started making it yet – who the actor is we don’t know yet. But me and Joe Cornish wrote a script and we’re gonna start making it next year. So, you’ll have to wait and see.

Ben Evans: Archie Vandervlett: What is your favourite film from the following genres: comedy, horror, sci-fi?

Comedy: Raising Arizona. Horror: Let’s say American Werewolf in London. Um, 2001: A Space Odyssey.

When you eat asparagus, does your wee then smell of asparagus?

I think it does for everybody. You know, I hate asparagus. I’m not a big asparagus fan. That would be my idea of hell.


RH’s grandmother Doris had died two weeks prior to recording.

EW suggests the title Goodnight Goodnight Sweetheart Sweetheart.

RH says that Jenny Agutter is one of the five on his celebrity shag list.