Title: N/A

Soundcloud Time: 1:08:59
Youtube Time: N/A

Original Record Date: Unknown
Soundcloud Publication Date: June 12, 2012
Youtube Publication Date: N/A

Please Welcome a Man
Who’s just done a big fart and is aware that Nick Frost is going to have to stand around in it for five minutes and he’s hoping that he’s not going to waft it through the curtain with him.

Cool Kids

Guest Best Known
For Man Stroke Woman. He was in Casualty, before he was an actor, playing the character Fatso.


Better or Worse than Last Week: N/A
Like or Unlike Wikipedia: Like

Member Member Note
Karen former “Curator of Eggs and Nests” at a small museum in Canada; claims that nests are all the same
Daniel looks less nerdy than other audience members
RH asked if Daniel chose to sit next to nerds so he would look more sexually attractive
Jack claims to curate trouble
Unnamed asks Frost to do the Eagle Eyes (had previously tweeted the request)

Emergency Questions

Have you ever tried to suck your own cock?

Yes, yes I have. Seriously, I was probably 5 inches from the helmet. And I ended up just cumming into my mouth from that distance. I had never gotten it in. [… The cum] just fell out like a solid plastic rod.


RH asks NF whether one can judge a penguin by human moral standards.

RH often gets mistaken for NF; NF often gets mistaken for Rick Waller.

NF held the record for spinning the most trays at Chiquito.

NF recounts being assaulted.