Title: Not Even The Go To Guy With This Face

Soundcloud Time: 1:09:28
Youtube Time: 1:09:42

Original Record Date: October 6, 2014
Soundcloud Publication Date: October 23, 2014
Youtube Publication Date: November 3, 2014

Please Welcome a Man
Who currently has chafed nipples.

Cool Kids

Guest Best Known
As the voice of Tud in One Star, which I’m guessing is a show about the best review he ever got. He’s also best known, of course, for being in Spics and Specs, which sounds a lot more offensive than it actually is.


Better or Worse than Last Week: N/A
Like or Unlike Wikipedia: N/A

Member Member Note
Unnamed shown on RH’s hand-held camera
in the front row
does not listen to Me 1 vs. Me 2
Unnamed in the front row
BB noted that he had been to see one of BB’s gigs
BB recognized him because he’d also been sitting in the front row of the BB gig
Andy McH present
Butlers present

Emergency Questions

How sensitive are your nipples?

They used to be. I did a lot of fucking in the ’90’s. A lot of fucking, a lot of cocaine, a lot of mushrooms. All my erogenous stuff has kind of fucked off.

Would you rather date a man who was a 6-foot tall penis with a face like Mark Reckless or a man who instead of having a penis had a tiny man growing out of there?

It’s just a date? Well that’s not really much of a dilemma. There’s fucking loads to talk about. Like, “What’s with your cock for a body?” As a matter of fact, I pick the first one. I believe that’s a night out. That’s a very, very interesting man. He’s all cock. Well, I have to ask another question. Are we allowed to talk about it immediately? Or is it a social faux-pas to go, “Mate, what’s up with your mate that’s a cock?” I think if he puts it in a personal ad and says, “Look, just dinner but I’ve got a mate, right? And he’s actually me cock. He’s where my cock would be. But he’s also a fully functioning talking man.” I’m an inquisitive person. You know? That’s piqued my interest. I think, probably, the man with a man for a cock. I’ll tell you why. Because I think the bloke that’s all cock would probably just be too impulsive. You know what I mean? He’s kind of a beast of instinct. Not a lot of conversation there. And if he gets too excited… I have restaurants that I like to go back to. You know? And I think if I go in there with a bloke that’s all cock and things get a bit exciting, he starts fucking shooting off everywhere and then it ends up like that scene from Monty Python where instead of vomit it’s all man cock cum across the curtains. No matter how good my relationship is with the restaurateur…

Do you ever get confused with *another person with the same name as guest*

He’s -an [Brendan] , isn’t he? Oh my God, that is so telling.


RH talks about other Richard Herrings.

RH talks about how Charley Boorman advertises Herring Shoes.

BB requested the title given to this video.