Title: Kiefer Sutherland’s Pregnancy

Soundcloud Time: 1:17:37
Youtube Time: 1:18:15

Original Record Date: July 11, 2016
Soundcloud Publication Date: August 26, 2016
Youtube Publication Date: August 26, 2016

Please Welcome a Man
Who is currently wondering how old his dental floss is.

Cool Kids
I was on the set of Tron this week. Don’t you remember the film Tron? I was on the set of it – still open and everything. They’re just waiting to see if they get another one. All the men who drive around – they still drive around on those motorcycles.

Guest Best Known
As Gendarme 1 in Paris.


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Like or Unlike Wikipedia: N/A

Member Member Note

Emergency Questions

Have you ever been in the vicinity of a bigfoot, but not seen it?

No, no sorry. Can’t think of a funny answer either.

LifeHacks.io: If you could jump into a pool of something, what would it be?

Um, *shakes head* chocolate? I don’t know what. I’m sorry, man. Can you warn me about a couple of these? So I can come up with something good? It’s not going to be as good as the Armando one, believe me.

MarshallJonesJr.com: Have you ever tried sushi?

Yeah, yeah. It is [nice]. It’s amazing. I only realized how good it was quite late in life. It’s the most delicious thing in the world. It was amazing. ‘Cause you think, Rice and fucking fish? It’s the Dr. Steve Brule bit where he’s eating sushi for the first time and he just kind of spits it out, laughs at the idea of it. “I’m not a kitty cat.”

Who would you rather died: Windsor Davies or Matthew Crosby’s wife?

Who would I rather died? Is he still alive? Is he still alive? We had him in Paris. Yeah, I was so excited I was so happy about it. Is this kind of like if you could save a child or Shakespeare from a burning building? So really, you want me to say the man who’s lived his full life and has nearly dead anyway… No, go for the wife. I felt you manipulating me; I didn’t like it.

Where do you stand on transubstantiation?

I’m against it.


RH recounts childhood dream where he murders a small girl and buries her in the hills of Cheddar with his father’s help.