Title: Just Amazing

Soundcloud Time: 1:06:29
Youtube Time: 1:07:23

Original Record Date: Unknown
Soundcloud Publication Date: November 22, 2017
Youtube Publication Date: November 23, 2017

Please Welcome a Man
Who saw Duncan from Blue in Crewe this week.

Cool Kids
I saw Duncan from Blue in Crewe. He only goes to places that rhyme with his name now. I was on a train he was in Crewe station.

Guest Best Known
For playing the seductive voice of a can of apple Tango.


Better or Worse than Last Week: N/A
Like or Unlike Wikipedia: N/A

Member Member Note
David Frew nuclear physicist
RH notes that he and David are “two peas in a pod”

Emergency Questions

What is the most expensive thing you have ever lost?

Um, my car. *RH asks if JR ever found it.* No, no – I… Well I was in my house one morning and I couldn’t find my keys and I said to my husband, “You haven’t seen my keys, have you?” And I had Louie, my 19 year-old was then about two or three and I said, “Do you think Louie could have reached up and got them?” And, um, because it was the front door keys and the car keys all in one, and, uh, no. And we had a builder and the builder said, “Is the car still here?” “Well, I don’t know.” So I looked outside the window and indeed the car wasn’t there. And as it turned out, somebody had fished through the window – through the letterbox – and got the car keys off the, you know, the central heating radiator cover thing in the hall, and nicked the car. And I was just like, “What?” And apparently it was a sort of thing, that you sort of started getting told not to put your keys on the table by the door. Yes, so it was off to Albania or wherever. Okay.

When you have fears that you may cease to be before your pen has glean’d your teeming brain, what do you do about that?

Um, I take a Valium or a beta blocker.

If you had to eat a person, if you had to, who would you eat and in what order would you devour their body sections?

Who would I eat? Oh, I can’t – I can’t even go there. I just don’t think – I just don’t think I could. But it would probably be a plumb little toddler. Probably be your little toddler. As yes, a little doused Herring.

How much is a pint of bull semen?

£10.95. Yeah, I’ve got a man to [buy bull semen].

Do you think if you have sex with a robot that should count as cheating on your partner?

It doesn’t though, does it? Were they talking about sex robots having Scottish accents or something? Something to make Scottish men feel more at home, or something.


RH shows the audience a picture in his notebook drawn by Phoebe Herring.

The teeming brain emergency question is based on a Keats poem.

The bull semen emergency question was developed after a RHLSTP fan told RH that it was his job to collect bull semen.