Title: An Order of Travelling Monks

Soundcloud Time: 56:47
Youtube Time: 58:30

Original Record Date: Unknown
Soundcloud Publication Date: January 4, 2018
Youtube Publication Date: January 3, 2018

Please Welcome a Man
You definitely have not seen at all this week – at all. Or last week, or this week. This is the first time he’s come onto stage.

Cool Kids
I was hanging around with Andy from Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures. He’s also in Andy’s Prehistoric Adventures, which is not as good. It is the biggest misuse of time travel technology there has ever been, what Andy is doing in those dinosaur adventures.

Guest Best Known
As DJ Resplendent from Trexx and Flipside. He’s also, of course, in Channel 4’s Does Doug Know?


Better or Worse than Last Week: Worse
Like or Unlike Wikipedia: N/A

Member Member Note

Emergency Questions

What is the strangest thing you have ever found in the embers of a bonfire?

I have yet to root through the embers of a bonfire. I’ve been meaning to do it every year. I’ve never really celebrated [Guy Fawkes Day]. I just – I would usually be home somewhere and *sniffs*, What is that – is something burning? And, uh, it’s an odd holiday. But, you know, people seem to be happy so I be with it.

Do you think Christmas might have been invented by a mulled wine salesman, desperate to get rid of a warehouse full of little muslin bags full of weird spices?

*RH deems this to not be a good question and moves on.*

What is the funniest fart you have witnessed around the Christmas dinner table?

I remember I was telling somebody the other day. A friend of mine, she was angry and she was going to post something angrily. And I said, you have to be careful about doing that because things that you write and say today, they hang around. It’s like a fart that you do that just never disperses. “Don’t go over in that corner – my dad farted over there in 1982. It’s still pretty rough over there.”

Would you like to have a bath with my dad?

Well I think, like most people, yes. Obviously. I’d like to know what kind of bath he likes, because I’m particular. Yeah, I’ll just ask him, “Why is your son so fucked up about aging?”

If your genitals had to turn into a sea creature for one day every month, but you could choose the sea creature they turned into, what sea creature would you like that to be?

I can already tell this ain’t good. *Audience member suggests an octopus. RH chides audience member for helping.* Yeah, don’t help me cheat. *RH tells RDH he does not have to answer.* I sure appreciate that. I appreciate you not making me answer that.


RDH states that if he went back to the ghetto asking RH’s emergency questions, he’d be killed.

In the end credits, this episode is dedicated to the memory of Sean Hughes.