Title: Not Michael Sheen

Soundcloud Time: 1:10:42
Youtube Time: 1:11:30

Original Record Date: Unknown
Soundcloud Publication Date: December 5, 2018
Youtube Publication Date: December 5, 2018

Please Welcome a Man
Who’s really looking forward to meeting Michael Sheen.

Cool Kids
I was inhaling gas with the Priestess Pythia. I’m still drunk from last week. I didn’t think about how hard it would be to say “the Priestess Pythia” when I wrote this down. The Oracle of Delphi, as you know, she predicted.

Guest Best Known
Is probably best known for his appearance in Frost/Nixon,though you may know him from Word of the Year 2017.


Better or Worse than Last Week: Better
Like or Unlike Wikipedia: N/A

Member Member Note
David Frew RH accuses him of not having a heart
RH also calls him “one of the nicest men on the planet”

Emergency Questions

If you had to invent a fifth season, which two other seasons would you put it in between, and what would happen in it?

I would invent dick season. I would put one in between – I would put one in between summer and autumn. Because I like autumn and I like summer; summer’s a bit too hot. And autumn you know you’re going into winter, so it’s a bit depressing. This lady *points to audience member* who nodded so earnestly. I found that genuinely […] She just, “That would be a fucking brilliant idea”. I think let’s go in between summer and autumn – sumtumn. Let’s have a bit of sumtumn. It’s not as hot as summer but it’s not as ‘tumn as autumn.

Is sex with a Frankenstein cheating?

Yes, I’m going to say yes. Because the Frankenstein does have – it is a sentient creature. Whereas I think, if it’s just a dead body, fire away. I say, if it’s a corpse with no sentience, any hole’s a goal. *RH posits scenario where part of the Frankenstein was NK’s partner.* I still think, I still think that is technically adultery. I mean, if your partner’s died, then I mean I guess it’s a better version. If your partner’s died and you’re going to have sex with a Frankenstein, then it’s better that it has a bit of your partner in it than none. If your partner’s still alive, I think that is going to be a very, very tricky conversation. *RH suggests a scenario where NK’s partner gives an organ and NK has an affair with the recipient.* Richard, I hope you live a long and full life but I hope that when the unfortunately inevitable does happen to you, on your gravestone it reads, “An anus is not an organ”. I think it’s definitely cheating if it’s – if it’s just an organ from your partner. I think that’s definitely cheating. And I definitely don’t think it’s your duty. But the way that – the fact that you phrased it like that, suggests this is a conversation you have had with your long-suffering wife.


This is NK’s second appearance.

No video image for intro credits.

Original guest booked was Michael Sheen.

NK reads message sent by Michael Sheen.