Title: Blake’s Seven Spoilers

Soundcloud Time: 1:03:13
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Original Record Date: Unknown
Soundcloud Publication Date: October 19, 2018
Youtube Publication Date: N/A

Please Welcome a Man
Who has just eaten his first Indian Scotch egg.

Cool Kids
I was playing a beer pong tourney at Crazy Pedro’s Pizza Parlour and I was talking to Crazy Pedro.

Guest Best Known
For playing the character Alphonso Decker in Holby City.


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Member Member Note

Emergency Questions

If in the event of a zombie apocalypse, what tactics would you employ?

Well, I mean [I’ve thought about it] frequently. I mean, the thing is, well, it’s the big dilemma, isn’t it? Do you – because I was quite a big fan of Survivor – and I do quite often, when I’m walking in the countryside, I imagine, Would this be a place to hold out? You know, what are the levels, what are the possibilities of entry? Because do you trust that, you know, we would maintain civilization or would i be every person for themselves? So, would you be part of a community or would you find somewhere out in the middle of nowhere? But you’d have to put mines down, because you can’t be awake all the time if you’re on your own. And obviously I’d stockpile tins and things like that, but I’d have to be largely self-sufficient so I’d need a bit of land, because if you have land you draw attention to yourself because the land would be maintained and verdant and all those sort of things, so I’d need a stockpile of weapons as well. But they’d have to be ones that I’d be able to practice without making a noise, because obviously then… So actually, having a machine gun is no good because people could hear you from all around; they’d know you tooled up and they’d send their people. So you’d have to be good at a bow and – yeah, I’ve thought about it quite a lot.

What’s the scariest thing that’s ever happened to you in a B&B?

No, we didn’t – One of the reasons I’ve sort of withdrawn from being on the road as much is because I’ve probably been in every Travel Lodge imaginable. I knew my life had taken a turn when the lady at a particular Travel Lodge knew my name and what I drank. And there’s a thing of going into a Travel Lodge at midnight and a glass of lukewarm medium white wine is there waiting for you with your name on it. And you go, “I’ve been here too fucking often.” But although it did mean that I was bowled when she sent me up to my usual room and there was a wine glass there that had a condom in it. And obviously I sort of went down and said, “Could I perhaps have a room that hasn’t got a wine glass with a condom in it?” Because that opens up all sorts of questions that I didn’t want to – And a friend of mine said, “Was it used?” I said, “I didn’t look that fucking closely.” It was enough. Wine glass with condom was enough to back out of the situation.

Do you think that Dr. Who ever tried to suck his own cock?

Well, I mean now he could give himself tips, couldn’t he? Now, from this Sunday, if ever they do the thirteen doctors, “This is how you should have been doing it.”

If you had to put three doctors in a human centipede, which three would you put in?

Well, I’d have to put, oh. I’d put Peter Cushing in the middle and William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton, just to throw everybody, and really annoy. Any fans would go, “But he’s not canon!” And it would put them off their satisfaction.


Recorded at the Dancehouse Theatre in Manchester.

Tickets for this recording sold out quickly, even prior to the guests being announced.

RH tests TH’s knowledge of Dr. Who by name actors who appeared on the programme and having TH name the episode in which they appeared.

Tells a story featuring Phil Fry.