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acast: 1:09:00
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Original Record Date: Unknown
acast Publication Date: February 27, 2019
Youtube Publication Date: February 27, 2019

Please Welcome a Man

Cool Kids

Guest Best Known
DB: As the assistant producer of two episodes of The 11 O’Clock Show.
JT: Was Tom from Straw Donkeys.


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Member Member Note
Unnamed Asked JT: Joe, you’ve done probably the most embarrassing stunts in The Inbetweeners. Was that always a conscious decision to have Simon’s character – because he was based on you – to do the really, really deeply embarrassing stuff?
Unnamed Asked DB: Is Jay based on an actual person?
Unnamed *Asked question; could not be understood.*
Unnamed Said, “It’s not a question; it’s more complimenting on a particular episode that I’m a fan of, which is the night out in London when you’re wearing trainers and trying to go into a club and you’ve been turned away. It was almost like, when I watched that for the first time I thought that was like a life lesson if you wear trainers. Bad things are going to happen. I thought it was really funny.”
Unnamed Asked DB: Hi. I don’t know if you had anything to do with it […] the American Inbetweeners?
Unnamed Asked DB: So I heard that there was, uh, sort of like a new Inbetweeners, in that it was going to be not the same characters, but like some more characters within that universe, within that school. Is that a thing that’s happening still? And if it is, what is your involvement going to be in that?

Emergency Questions



Recorded at the Bristol Old Vic as part of the Bristol Slapstick Festival.

This is JT’s second appearance.

Iain Morris was also meant to be a guest, but had to cancel due to a broken foot. A video-recorded message by Morris was played during the interview.

RH describes The Larry Sanders Show as being his all-time favourite show.