Title: Raisin Drip

acast Time: 1:03:21
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Original Record Date: August 4, 2019
acast Publication Date: August 5, 2019
Youtube Publication Date: N/A

Please Welcome a Man
Who has just seen his first Edinburgh Fringe Show.

Acronym Modification
Richard Herring’s Lock-Siphoning Todger Podcast

Cool Kids
I was hanging out with the interchangeable three men sketch groups, whose posters is them pulling this exact face *pulls funny face*.

Guest Best Known
JR: For playing Katie in Carpeted Afterhours.
PW: For his appearance on the 50 Funniest Moments of 2014.


Better or Worse than Last Week: Better
Like or Unlike Wikipedia: N/A

Member Member Note
Liam present
has also attended previous two Edinburgh Festival Fringe RHLSTP podcast shows

Emergency Questions

Jena Friedman

If you had to do a human centipede with two other people, if you had to, but you could choose the two other people, and you’re in the middle, who would you choose?

That’s not a weird question. Whose ass would I want to – it is eating the ass? *RH explains dynamics of the human centipede.* If I said, like, Betty White, because I know that she’s pretty much old, what happens if someone dies when they’re sewed to your face? Just with a decomposed corpse? Is a decomposed corpse worse than a live person? Would I get, like, ammonia in my face? Are there any morticians here? And then if it’s someone like John McAfee, who eats poo, then is it like if someone who eats poop poops, is their poop cleaner or dirtier? Yeah, but you know how you put charcoal in water to clean it? Yeah, I would put John McAfee behind me for sure; if you’re listening, John, because, you know… Yeah, I would totally – I want consent going on, you know what I mean I don’t want to force my shit in anybody’s mouth. Yeah, I mean, as far as somebody… Maybe like a – I’m going to gag – like a tiny little baby; you know what I mean? A baby that doesn’t even eat solids yet. It is cruel. Maybe the baby has a terminal… Sorry. Maybe we should talk about gun violence.

Have you ever seen a ghost?

I think ghosts – I think it’s like a peanut allergy. If someone’s choking on a peanut, and you don’t have a peanut allergy, you’re like, “What are you talking about?” I think it’s the same thing with extra-sensory perception. You know, like, I’ve never seen a ghost, but if someone were to be like, “I’ve seen a ghost,” I’m like, “Oh, you have that allergy that allows you to see.” Can I tell a tiny, funny ghost story? So, when I was working at The Daily Show in 2015, we all stayed at this haunted hotel in Austin, Texas called The Driskill. And the group of people I worked with at the time, very cerebral, very, like, skeptical. Maybe, like a third of them moved hotels after the first night. From just hearing stuff or seeing stuff. Yeah.

If you dropped your phone down the port-o-loo at Glastonbury on the third day, would you retrieve the phone?

If there was an Ebola outbreak, no. If I wouldn’t be contaminated with hemorrhagic fever by touching a pool of shit, then maybe. Oh, so I have a waterproof case on my phone always. That I should have prefaced. ‘Cause I drop it in shit all the time. *RH notes that this is a shit-heavy conversation.* How do you think I got McAfee to sit down with me?

What do you most regret destroying with fire?

I have no regrets. I have no regrets. Um, I don’t have any regret over anything I’ve done. *RH asks if JF has even destroyed anything with fire.* Probably, like, some stuff. I actually had – ugh. I had a break-up where my friend was like, “You have to destroy this.” It was something I had to destroy with fire. And maybe I regret that because it was a funny story and it would have been fun to keep. […] No, yeah, it’s a funny story and I feel weird talking about it but, um, yeah, it was, like, an article about the person with someone else. And so it was, like, funny, and I kept it because I thought it was funny and my friend was, like, “You have to burn this. This is kind of toxic.” it’s the only thing I’ve ever consciously burned that popped into my head. I’m not a pyro.

Phil Wang

What is the most mundane encounter you have had with a celebrity?

Um, uh, the last time I was in Edinburgh in 2017 I did, like, a dance night. Um, I just quite like a little rave. So a couple of friends put on this little dance night in [unclear]. And I was playing some music – and I think I was playing David Bowie – and, uh, someone tapped me on the shoulder, a lady in a puffer jacket. And I looked up and it was Emma Thompson. And she asked me to change the music.

Have you ever bought a biscuit or chocolate bar that has turned up with an ingredient missing from it? And was it better or worse?

I’ve had the occasional, like, Fruit & Nut Bar that didn’t have quite enough fruit. I don’t know if that’s technically missing. I thought, I’d better buy another. That’s how they get you. That’s how they get you. In general, though, the U.K. manufacturing industry works very nicely. *RH disagrees; notes a number of instances where the wafer has been left out of a Kit Kat.* Really? Does it just collapse, or…? That’s insane. For a second you must be thinking you’re losing your mind. *RH notes that this situation does not seem to happen to many people.* Well, it’s almost a function of how much chocolate you eat. And the more you eat the more likely this is to occur to you. I guess I don’t eat quite as much.

What faulty machine once gave you an unexpected cash or free item windfall?

Weirdly enough, this did happen. It was incredible. I was a child. I was in France with my mother. I was wearing my first-ever denim jacket so it was already very exciting. I was thin and never looked so good. And we were walking through a train station or something and there was, like, a photograph machine – a passport photograph machine. And for some reason, you know, you’re young, you’re curious, and I went in and I had a fiddle with the old change dispenser, and it was full of francs. It was full of francs! And I just filled my pockets with francs and just did a load of coke. I don’t remember what I did with them.

Who was the biggest prick at your school?

Which school? Like, how old? *RH advises PW can pick from any of his schools.* A prick – there was a guy at my school, primary school in Malaysia called Edbert, believe it or not. He was just very confident for a 10 year-old. Yeah, so Edbert Chong, if you’re listening to Richrd Herring’s podcast, it was you. And I’ve finally had my revenge. *RH asks if PW is happier for having said that.* Yeah. My back’s straightened up.


Audio only.

Recorded at the New Town Theatre.

At the end of the interview RH collects donations for Scope.

During the period between guests, RH advises the audience that they are much better than the first half of the show.

RH tells story about Chrissie Hynde and Beth Orton briefly attending a New Year’s Eve party at his house by mistake