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Original Record Date: June 10, 2020
acast Publication Date: June 17, 2020
Youtube Publication Date: June 17, 2020

Please Welcome a Man

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Richard Herring’s Lamenting Slave Traders Podcast

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I was talking to Banksy the other day. He’s come up with an idea for a podcast; it’s called…

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As Fitzey in Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place.


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Emergency Questions

Do you think if you have sex with a robot that should count as cheating on your partner?

It depends on what model you get. I would think, like, how good the technology is. I mean, if it’s basically like fucking a pillow with a head on it then I think you have other issues. But if it’s really, like, human-like… I could tell you this, that is something I want to believe that I’m never going to do because I don’t think you return from that level of freedom where its like you’re just going to have somebody that’s not going to question you. Because it’s going to go beyond that. Once people start banging them then they’re going to want to have the full-on relationship. Like, “Hey man, you know, I’ve been fucking you any way  I wanted to for the last could months, I figured I’d take you out on a picnic at least. As long as it doesn’t rain so you don’t rust out here right?” And I think eventually it’s going to move in that direction and it’s going to be – and then there’s going to be progressive people saying that these robots deserve rights and that these robots should be allowed to come in and say goodbye to their human partner when they’re on their deathbed. It’s going to be… Yeah, it’s going to be – things are going to get worse before they get better. I think – I think it is… It is – It’s already too late. It’s already too late. The Pandora’s box has been opened. No, we did an All Things Comedy, we produced this special for Whitney Cummings. Her, as a joke, she had a robot sex doll made in her likeness. And I was told when they were visiting different factories to see which one, they went to one creepy one they didn’t want to go to, where they had all these little ones. And they were like, “What are those?” And then they said that those are the economy-size ones. When it was clearly, like, it looked like it was a little kid. So that is just not… The fact that nobody – Like, the level of attention on a stand-up comedian’s jokes while this shit is being developed just right over here… There’s no… I don’t know. A part of me just thinks there’s such little manufacturing done in the United States that they’ve legalized weed and robot sex dolls just so we could have something that says “Made in America”. [Unclear.] There’s a few things left. *RH points out the philosophical question of a robot bending to the owner’s every will, rather than a human companion that would eventually produce a difference of opinion.* You have to work on yourself. So I think it plays out. I think the upper 1%, you know – sort of a hackey term – but I would say the super-rich. One of the most annoying things about other human beings to them is our complaining. How many hours we’re working, we want health insurance, we want benefits, we want to be treated like a human being, and all that. These robots solve this. So basically what they could do is replace the entire workforce with literally slave labour and on top of that it would be all these supermodel-looking slave labour that they could then fuck any one that they wanted to. And then I feel like, um, it just becomes, like, seven royal families in each country. And all robot/worker sex slaves. The only reason why they keep us around is they need us. Once you have that – you make a couple of funny robots then I’m out of there. You know, you get your funny robot, you get your sex robot, you get your strong robot, and then – But you’d have to keep some people around to do maintenance, but eventually they would teach the robots how to fix each other. But you would need the geek squad to still be around to make sure that they didn’t turn on them. They’ve gotta have a tiger by the tail – what’s gonna happen. So I think eventually, um, there’s gonna be this weird period where regular people are just gonna kind of be sitting around and there’s gonna be no job and we’re gonna be like the old VCR when the DVD player came out. You know? And you just put the DVD player on top of the VCR? That’s gonna be us.


This episode was live-streamed via Twitch, with RH and guest in each of their own homes due to COVID-19/coronavirus.

At the time of recording, BB has a week-old child. RH was meant to interview BB the week prior, but this was cancelled as BB’s wife went into labour.

BB reveals that the Leicester Square Theatre was the first venue BB played in London.

RH notes that he is currently writing a book equality between the sexes and the status of men in the world.