Title: Sheep in Sheep’s Clothing

acast Time: 1:18:52
Youtube Time: 1:17:50

Original Record Date: Unknown
acast Publication Date: July 1, 2020
Youtube Publication Date: July 1, 2020

Please Welcome a Man
Who is wearing his swimming trunks still from yesterday. Not pleasant.

Acronym Modification
Richard Herring’s Lockdown’s Shagging Tedious Podcast

Cool Kids
I was hanging around with Professor Neil Ferguson the other day. You know, he’s the guy – he just came ’round to my house uninvited. He’s the guy who advised about lockdown, saying we should all stay in our houses, and then went out or his married lover came ’round. His married friend came over or he went over to hers. But they’re on the front pages of all the newspapers and, mate, she was worth losing a job for. That’s all I’m saying. High five, Neil Ferguson. You’re very cool.

Guest Best Known
For her appearance in the short film Hungover or Pregnant?


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Emergency Questions

Phoebe Herring: Would you rather fall into a pool of lava or, at the last minute, be eaten by a crocodile instead of falling into the pool of lava?

Oh, that’s a good one. I was obsessed with monsters when I was a kid and there was a monster in Japanese folklore, I think – that’s probably really racist that I’ve said the wrong country. I think it was called a tenge – T-E-N-G-E. And he used to grab you by the shoulders and drop you into a volcano. And I used to compulsively think about how that would be the worst thing in the fucking world. So… but then I was obsessed with crocodiles and really scared. This is genuinely a very hard question for me. *RH supposes being eaten by a crocodile to be the worse of the two choices.* I think it is. Well, who can verify that? I mean my instinct is yes, you hit [the lava] and its done but… Well, if they get right on the spine, done. And I can’t feel anything.

If you could take one item from any museum or art gallery – and you’re allowed to take it home with you – in the world, what would you take?

Well, chances are they stole it in the first place. What have I seen that I really like? Ooh, that’s such a good question, isn’t it? I think it would be an artifact over a picture or anything like that because everyone would assume it’s a fake anyway because of the amount of dog hair in my house. Um, artifact, what would I have? Oh, well – this feels really hack, but Tutankhamun’s sarcophagus. That’d be nice, right? I’d put a bit of glass over it. Lovely coffee table, imagine that.

Who is your favourite hometown celebrity?

Dawn French. And, you know, Kate and Wills lived here for a while.


This episode was live-streamed via Twitch, with RH and guest in each of their own homes due to COVID-19/coronavirus.

This is KPM’s second appearance.

KPM’s previous appearance was as part of the podcast duo All Killa No Filla.

RH describes recent dreams he had, one where he tried to chop his son’s fingers off, and two others where he engaged in threesomes,