Title: Hubris

acast Time: 1:18:47
Youtube Time: 1:18:24

Original Record Date: Unknown
acast Publication Date: August 19, 2020
Youtube Publication Date: August 19, 2020

Please Welcome a Man
Who’s just finished writing his book. (First draft. Shut up!)

Acronym Modification
Richard Herring’s Licking Shaven Tushes Podcast

Cool Kids
I was hanging around with the oompa loompas. How have I never done oompa loompas for this bit before? From Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. They’re great guys. If you die, they sing a little song about you. They’re a lot of fun.

Guest Best Known
For playing Lawrence Kirk in M.U.F.F.


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Emergency Questions

If there are ever sex robots, as any right-thinking person hopes, would they be self-cleaning or would there be another small robot that would clean the sex robot or would there be a person whose job was to clean out the sex robot before the next person used it? Can you think of a worse job?

Well, first thing straight off, I’m going to tell you there absolutely would be people that clean the sex robots and I guarantee you there would be people that fucking enjoy it. That would be their kink. I promise you there are people out there who don’t want to have sex with the sex robot; they want to be the ones to clean the sex robot. They want to be the one that gets to go in and collect the juices and the whatnots. Cleaning a sex robot… They would have to be self-cleaning because, I mean – Wait. The vagina is self-cleaning, isn’t it? *RH notes that the vagina is so complex and mysterious that science doesn’t know how a vagina works.* They don’t actually know what it is. Science can’t confirm it. I would say for a vagina it would probably have to have some sort of dump system. Like a syringe. If you’re cleaning a sex robot that has a dick and you’re cleaning the dick, at what point are you cleaning a robot and at what point are you just wanking off a robot to not completion? There’s a question for you. So obviously with the female sex robots, they’ll be programmed to fake their orgasms just like normal women are programmed to do that as well. The male ones, will they – would you reckon they ejaculate? *RH expects so.* Would you reckon that’s an important part of the experience? Or would you reckon, oh that’s the worst bit? *RH notes that this could be considered an important part of the love-making process.* Yeah but would it – Because if it was a sex robot with a dick, the button would literally just be around there *gestures towards buttocks area*. We would all be aware of where that emergency button is. I just – Because what would it be? It would have to be edible. Maybe they’d flavour it.

If you were God, what flavour would you have made ejaculate?

You know what?  Think the taste of it now – don’t change the taste of it. Because for those people who enjoy the taste of it, that’s fine. And if they don’t, they don’t. To make it tastier, you’re just asking for trouble.


This episode was live-streamed via Twitch, with RH and guest in each of their own homes due to COVID-19/coronavirus.

RH demonstrates ventriloquism skills using Ally, the puppet made by his grandfather and used by Stewart Lee to masturbate RH.