Title: Twitch Chaplin

acast Time: 1:23:44
Youtube Time: 1:23:37

Original Record Date: Unknown
acast Publication Date: September 9, 2020
Youtube Publication Date: September 9, 2020

Please Welcome a Man
Who is nearly finished his book.

Acronym Modification
Richard Herring’s Little Snooker Table Podcast

Cool Kids
I was hanging out with a mobile blacksmith the other day. I genuinely saw a guy who was running a smithy; like, a blacksmith thing, from the back of a van. He had a portable furnace and he was making horseshoes at this farm. I’ve never seen anything as amazing. Genuinely the coolest thing I have ever seen.

Guest Best Known
For appearing in the background of Hollyoaks – on at least three episodes of Hollyoaks.


Better or Worse than Last Week: N/A
Like or Unlike Wikipedia: N/A

Member Member Note

Emergency Questions

Who is the greatest living American?

Tom Cruise. Magnolia – I like when he cried in it. The rest of them I don’t trust, really. Yeah. All of them except Tom.

Have you ever seen a ghost?

Let me think, let me think. Uh, that’s a good question. Have I seen a ghost? I’ve not seen one. I’m sure I’ve been – Oh, I think my house was haunted when I first moved in. Because I heard footsteps going up and down the stairs and I’d have these scratches on my chest. But then they left, so… *Shrugs.* I didn’t see them, so I guess no. *RH asks BZ about the scratches he mentioned.* Yeah, weird. It’s really weird. *RH asks whether it’s possible that BZ scratched himself.* No, I don’t think so, because running up and down the stairs and the scratches left at the same time. Could have just been a cheeky cat. *RH suggests that someone was living in BZ’s house.* It’s probably that.


This episode was live-streamed via Twitch, with RH and guest in each of their own homes due to COVID-19/coronavirus.

RH expresses anxiety over the pronunciation of BZ’s name after having a troubling dream related to this.

RH presented BZ wih the runner-up certificate for the Leicester Square Theatre New Comedian of the Year 2015.

BZ is wearing an original “I Paid a Pound” badge, which he purchased after RH gave him free tickets to a show.