Title: Pooland (not Poland)

acast Time: 1:13:58
Youtube Time: 1:13:11

Original Record Date: Unknown
acast Publication Date: December 16, 2020
Youtube Publication Date: December 16, 2020

Please Welcome a Man

Acronym Modification
Richard Herring’s Loving Star Trek Podcast

Cool Kids
I was talking to that green dancing lady from off of the end credits of Star Trek the other day.

Guest Best Known
For his portrayal of Bear in I Want My Hat Back, which is genuinely one of the best things I’ve ever seen. He was also – and I wanted to make this the thing he was best known for – he was in some kind of schools programme audio thing with me in 2004. I did talk to him about it beforehand because I couldn’t remember what it was called; and nor can he. And he had forgotten about it and I’d forgotten about it until I hear a bit of it somewhere on the radio or something. And his friend who’s a teacher told him that he was in it. And he’d forgotten it. We’d both forgotten it.


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Emergency Questions

Does *place where guest lives* have any special Christmas traditions?

Yes, because 10% of the population die every Christmas. There’s a lot of turnover. […] If you want to feel young, move here. It’s great. You literally – I haven’t got a car. I’m cycling around on my bike. In my head I think I’m fourteen still. It’s amazing.

What is the most pompous Christmas carol?

Oh, um… Hark! The Herald Angels Sing? Not really. The boring ones that don’t catch on. *RH asks whether God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen is pompous.* Not really. Um – Little Donkey. I’m going for Little Donkey.

What is the most unpleasant thing you’ve ever found in a stocking?

Oh, a stocking. So you’re insinuating that I’m the sort of bloke who gets angry at people who wear stockings. Or I’ve been looking through some old lady’s stocking drawer, rooting around their legs seeing what I could find. What’s the most unpleasant thing? I think when you first touch a satsuma and you don’t know it’s a satsuma. It used to be a real tradition, putting satsumas in there.

Are you looking forward to watching the Mrs. Brown’s Boys Christmas special this year?

Yes. What we do, in my family, we tape the last year’s Mrs. Brown’s Christmas special and we’ve accumulated them all. We can watch six or seven hours now – hopefully the whole thing. Yeah, you get all the characters, the progression of the characters. You get the bits. And they’re still funny. The jokes are still funny a year on.

What is the oldest Christmas decoration still used during your festivities?

My brother made an angel when he was at school – my older brother. So he’s – So that’s – He must have been about four or five. He’s a bit older than me. About 42 years-old. That’s good, right?


This episode was live-streamed via Twitch, with RH and guest in each of their own homes due to COVID-19/coronavirus.

RH gave out 10 copies of ML’s card game Pooman to monthly badgers.

Twitch background: The set of the original Star Trek bridge.

RH shares his son’s new catchphrase: “You farted in your nappy.”

ML shows a painting he completed of RH, which ML states he will send to RH.