Title: The Holy Grail of Archaeology

acast Time: 56:56
Youtube Time: 56:51

Original Record Date: January 20, 2021
acast Publication Date: January 27, 2021
Youtube Publication Date: January 27, 2021

Please Welcome a Man
Who is now a film star and too good for this.

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Richard Herring’s Last Sighting of Trump Podcast

Cool Kids
I was hanging around with all the living U.S. presidents this week and all of them, with one impeachment or less…

Guest Best Known
As co-author of the paper Roman barrows and their landscape context: a GIS case study at Bartlow, Cambridgeshire.


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Emergency Questions

If you could take one item from any museum or art gallery – and you’re allowed to take it home with you – in the world, what would you take?

No one’s ever asked me that question before. I hang out with too many respectable people. Okay, well I would probably then, I would choose – I would choose the little graffito of my barman, I think. That would be my take-home. *RH points out that this item would be of little monetary value.* But then I wouldn’t be keeping it. I would just be putting it on eBay. Yes, a massive gold bowl.

Have you ever seen a ghost?

I was always amazed they didn’t do ghost tours [in Pompeii]. Because, like, if this were in England there would be a whole thing going on. The Italians don’t seem to get ghosts. And they just don’t believe them. And I was – I’ve been in Pompeii a few times at night and obviously there’s no street lighting so you are kind of waiting around in the dark. And I was praying I would see one. I would love to – Or just heard an agonizing scream or something. It doesn’t sound that nice, but… No, sadly not.

If you had a finger that could travel through time…

If I wasn’t being boring I would probably go to Persepolis and just see these crazy, sort of, festivals that they had there with the sort of Persian kings. But if I’m being boring I would love to go back, obviously pre-eruption, and I’d like to go back to my little corner of Pompeii – You know, if I spent four years there I’d quite like to spend a day there.


This episode was live-streamed via Twitch, with RH and guest in each of their own homes due to COVID-19/coronavirus.

Twitch background: Donald and Melania Trump departing the White House.

Museum/art gallery emergency question modified to be Pompeii instead.

RH notes that if he could take home an item from Pompeii, he would choose the “Cave Canem” dog mosaic.

The ghost emergency question is modified to be “Have you ever seen a ghost in Pompeii?”

Time-travelling finger emergency question modified to be whole self travelling back in time.