Title: timkey

acast Time: 1:19:27
Youtube Time: N/A

Original Record Date: Unknown
acast Publication Date: September 13, 2021
Youtube Publication Date: N/A

Please Welcome a Man
Who’s got a bottom like a cannon.

Acronym Modification

Cool Kids
I was hanging out with Christopher Lillicrap. You all remember Christopher Lillicrap? More people than I expected again. I only remember him because he had a funny name. He looked a bit like David Essex. He did quite a lot of kids’ shows. Christopher Lillicrap did a lot of kids’ shows around the 1970’s, 1980’s. Still going. Just looked him up. He’s having a nice time. He lives on a Greek sland, somewhere.

Guest Best Known
For his portrayal of the Toilet Attendant in The Harry Hill Movie.


Better or Worse than Last Week: N/A
Like or Unlike Wikipedia: N/A

Member Member Note
Unnamed after RH recounts the story of TK causing RH to break his rib, this member shouted that TK was a bastard

Emergency Questions

Would you rather know the truth but always have to lie or be really good at ice hockey?

Oh, I’d love to be really good at ice hockey. Yeah. Have you played? Do you play? […] *RH and TK have argument about whether snow and ice are the same.* I like so much stuff that would be in the winter Olympics. Ice hockey – If you’re giving me an emergency question… They’re so difficult, emergency questions. My first emergency question in my life and I’ve got, “You can be good at ice hockey.” I’d love to be good at ice hockey. I used to watch it.

If you had the power to bring one historical figure back to life, out of all the people in history, who would you rather reanimate?

Do they have to be dead? Can they be alive? I’d like to keep Jack Dee going. I’m going to use my, uhhh… I’m going to use my powers to just keep Jack Dee going forever. No, bringing someone back. That’s a – Well, you know, um. Well, who’s yours, by the way? I’m going to bring back – I’m going to bring back someone. I’ve got mine. And mine is pretty good. *RH notes that he would like to bring back Rasputin.* He’d shake things up. He’s another Cummings; the hand grenade. Yeah. Well, I’ll bring back – I’d probably get Tony Hancock. *RH points out that in life Tony Hancock was a sad man.* Well, you know, give him another whirl. I mean, maybe there might be more support this time and could sort of sort things out. I don’t know. *RH points out that iit would be worth it to see the look on Tony Hancock’s face.* “Not this again. You are joking.” Alright, I’m going to go for a different person. Um, you want them – They’ve got to have died young. *RH says that this is not necessarily so.* I’m just going through – I’m thinking here. Yeah, Hancock. It’s gotta be Hancock. I’m going to bring one more back, actually. Winehouse. Let’s give Winehouse another whirl. *TK judges RH’s and audience’s reaction.* So Hancock, not fair enough. Winehouse, fair enough. Okay.

Would you rather have to keep two raw, shelled eggs in your cheeks at all times, one in each cheek, or have a jaw made out of glass? The glass would be the fragile kind used to make thin wine glasses, not the reinforced kind that can stop a bullet.

Oh yeah. I get it. So you have to be careful with your jaw. It’s a no-brainer. Yeah. But shame on you for putting any question in there that is a no-brainer. Shame on you. They should be tough decisions. I’m not, you know. Grandmother, eggs, but I’m going that for me, any day of the week it’s the jaw. That’s the obvious answer because I’m not going to be the egg guy. I will not ever be the egg guy. I will get the glass jaw. Yeah, look at me. And I will find the appropriate skilled artisan to make me something very special down there. Yeah. I’m going to have an outer jaw. *RH asks why TK wouldn’t consider applying some method of protecting his cheeks.* Because I’m this guy. *Pulls a face.* I can’t talk. There’s one example where I can talk and one where I can’t. My livelihood, Richard. What acting role am I gonna get when I’ve got cheeks that come to there. Am I going to get in the next Harry Hill movie? *RH points out that TK probably will get cast, regardless.* That’s the only job where that’s an advantage.


RH welcomes the audience live-streaming the episode.

RH states that the previous episode and this one were streamed in high definition.

RH suggests that TK should consider a rebrand by changing his name to timkey (all one word).

RH recounts story of TK causing him to break his rib while taping We Need Answers.

RH reveals that TK sent him a Charlie Chaplin biography at the same time RH was writing Hitler Moustache.

At TK’s request, RH names the Michael Palin and Jonathan Ross episodes as ones where he was starstruck.

RH comments that the origin of the emergency question was the awkward pausing in the Jonathan Ross episode.

Something dripping on TK during recording.

At the 1:15:55 mark, TK leaves to go backstage and fetch a copy of his book.