Title: Docking

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Original Record Date: Unknown
acast Publication Date: October 20, 2021
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Please Welcome a Man
Who has written his joke for 2021.

Acronym Modification

Cool Kids
I was hanging around with all the people currently queuing to buy petrol.

Guest Best Known
For playing a nagging girlfriend in a Jackie photo story.


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Member Member Note

Emergency Questions

Who is your favourite Steve?

Steve. My God, I can’t think of a Steve. Who is your favourite Steve? *RH confirms his favourite Steve is Stevie Martin, with Steve Coogan as an alternate.* Well, I might have Stevie Wonder, then. Only because when we did our first – We did, um, a TV thing on something called The White Room. I don’t know if anyone remembers watching that. Yeah. And the whole sort of, all the electricity went down. And we didn’t know it was Stevie Wonder. And he just decided to do, kind of an impromptu acoustic gig for everyone. Just while we were waiting for it to come back on. And we just sat there at this sort of private gig with Stevie Wonder. That was pretty cool.

Who’s the most surprising famous person you’ve been in a lift with? And which I mean, you can’t have gotten into the lift with them; they had to be in the lift you were in.

Um, Rod Stewart. Yeah. *RH makes reference to a part in LW’s book and suggests that she was stuck in the lift with Rod Stewart.* Not stuck in. Stuck in the sense that I couldn’t think of anything to say to him. It was like, Oh my God, it’s Rod Stewart. And you have this compulsion. I don’t know if, like, when you meet super famous people. But you have the compulsion that you have to say something incredibly brilliant and witty and interesting. *RH notes that he tries to say something offensive.* That also works brilliantly. I couldn’t think of anything, either offensive or… [Unclear] “What floor are you going to?” I was like, “Yeah.” In fairness, I don’t think I had that much to say to Rod Stewart. I don’t blame myself. I just, I don’t overthink it. “You’ve done well for yourself. You’re shorter than I was expecting.

What’s the most surprising person or thing that has leapt out at you?

Leapt out at me actually? There’s not been much leaping. What kind of leaps? No, there’s not been any. *RH mentions that LW once stole Paul McCartney’s seat and spins the emergency question as LW having leapt out at Paul McCartney.* I did. I just thought – I had nowhere to sit at the Q Awards. I couldn’t find my spot. And I was just like, Well, I’ll sit next to Bob Geldhof. That will be fine. And then Paul McCartney comes and he’s like, “Actually, I think you’ll find I’m sitting there.” It’s like, Okay, alright. I’ll go back to my Jackie magazine. That’s where I belong.


RH debuts a new joke he wrote about a triangular pub patron.

RH recounts a dream about a tiny rhinoceros.

RH tells a story about seeing Rik Mayall at a BP garage in Shepherd’s Bush Green.

RH tells a story about being rude about Robson & Jerome while hosting Top of the Pops, leading to either Robson’s or Jerome’s mother calling the BBC to complain.

RH tells a story about getting lost in Buckingham Palace.