Title: Melting Caterpillars

acast Time: 1:01:35
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Original Record Date: Unknown
acast Publication Date: March 9, 2022
Youtube Publication Date: N/A

Please Welcome a Man
Who hates Leicester and everyone in it.

Acronym Modification
Richard Herring’s Leicester Y Theatre Podcast

Cool Kids
I was hanging around in Loughborough the other day. I don’t know if you’ve been there. It’s an amazing tourist attraction that shows you what it was like to live in the 1970’s. Everything’s exactly the same as it would be if you went to the 1970’s. Incredible interactive experience. I do recommend it. They call it…

Guest Best Known
For playing Joz in Santageddon.


Better or Worse than Last Week: N/A
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Member Member Note
Unnamed backed-up JN when he noted that caterpillars don’t turn into butterflies; they turn into a goo from which a butterflies grows
noted she Googled the information

Emergency Questions

What do you consider to be the most mediocre chocolate bar?

Oh, mediocre. So it’s got to be one I just don’t really think about. Um, I love a Twix. *RH and JN discuss RH’s choice of the Twix as the most mediocre chocolate bar.* I think mediocre. […] Maybe a Topic. I never think about Topics. *Audience members voice their disapproval.* Whoa, sorry. Was that people who love Topics or people who hate Topics? You love Topics. You’re all in the same area of the audience. How does that happen? Oh no, they’re spread around. […] I often think a Double Decker is more mediocre than you expect it to be. You think it’s going to be quite a big deal because it’s got the nougat and then you eat it and you realize you felt nothing.

What would it take for you to fellate the actor Keith Allen?

I think we’d just have to get on. I think if he just asked for it out of the blue, I would say no. And I think then I would talk to people about it. Oh, no, maybe I wouldn’t. Because it would depend if, if it was jut a bad flirt and he just misjudged it maybe I wouldn’t embarrass him. But if it felt, like, like he was really trying to proposition me, I might have to go and have a word with someone. But if we just hit it off and we were having a great time and then he mentioned it, yeah.

If you could go into a chrysalis and turn into anything else – you can melt in there if you want – and you still have your memories, what would you turn into on the other side

I think I would – I wouldn’t mind, like, you know those wing suits? So, I don’t think I’d like wings, but I’d like a wing suit that connects my… So, a flap of skin that connects my wrist to my ankle. So that I can just jump off a building and float to the ground. *RH asks why JN doesn’t just buy a wing suit.* They’re expensive. Wing suits are expensive. But like this I can do it for free. So when I’m hanging out with other people say, “How much was your wing suit? I just had to melt.” *RH notes that JN could come back in a wing suit covered in diamonds. Provides clarification on the vast metamorphic opportunities in this chrysalis.* No, I’m going to have my wing suit. I’m really sold on my wing suit.


Recorded at the Y Theatre as part of the Leicester Comedy Festival.

RH accuses the audience of being “king stealers,” a reference to Richard of York’s Leicester burial.

For the “Cool Kids” reference, RH notes that the people of Loughborough call it RHLYTP.

JN notes that his given name is Josiah.

At various points RH makes contrasts the intelligence of Leicester audiences against those of London.

RH mentions that the fellating Keith Allen emergency question was generated from a story Matthew Crosby told about Keith Allen walking into a pub and asking those inside who wanted to suck his cock.

After asking the Keith Allen emergency question, RH asks JN what t would take for him to Joz his own Norris.