Title: Koch and Ball

acast Time: 54:37
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Original Record Date: Unknown
acast Publication Date: August 12, 2022
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Please Welcome a Man
Who stayed up past 11:00pm last night.

Acronym Modification
Richard Herring’s Landlords Shall Triumph Podcast

Cool Kids
I was hanging out with the cool kids in the Fringe Club in 1987 last night.

Guest Best Known
For his appearance on The Dan Nicholl Show.


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Emergency Questions

Do you Google yourself?

Uh, I don’t do it a lot because I have pissed off the right-wing so much that I don’t even log into my own Twitter account. Chester has a Twitter account and I’m blocked hard on that, but when I’m on Twitter I don’t go because I will get some alt-right guy telling me [unclear] every fifteen minutes. I’m used to it. I’m relatively good because I’m a white guy talking about political heroes and so on, so I get told I’m racist five times a day. But, uh, but by people who are pretty crazy, so I can tell them, “No, you’re just an asshole.” The problem is when you’re in, like, a bit of a difficult space and some say, “Hey, you’re not talented.” And I’m like, “I just turned down a talent show in the States.” I’m not bad. I’m okay. Why are you being a dick? So if you’re in the wrong space, and this stuff is – The racism conversation is emotionally draining especially because of the shit my wife goes through. She’s an actor in Capetown and she gets told to put on, like, an accent as a black person, so I just get down from that point-of-view, so I’ve got to, like, manage my emotional state. So most of the time, I’m fine. But every now and again it’s like, “Ugh.”

What celebrity would you like to be stroking your head as you die?

Ahhh, it’s gotta be one of the Thunderbirds. Yes, definitely. When I die, there’s gotta be a puppet going, *Makes purring sound.* “Make me talk.”

If you had to be given oral sex by a dinosaur, if you had to be, which dinosaur would you like to be mouthed to completion by?

Barney. He’s so soft and cute. And he’s sort of a puppet. I don’t care. The stuffing is so soft.

What is the sexiest TV puppet?

I don’t know. I’ve seen that Spitting Image you guys have got over here; that Boris is pretty sexy. His face looks like it’s *unclear.*

If you had to have sex with a right-wing politician, if you had to, which Tory, right-wing politician would you have sex with?

It’s Boris’s hair. I don’t know what it is. It’s like a Yorkshire Terrier’s.


Recorded at the Assembly Ball Room in Edinburgh as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

RH notes that he’s recently seen Conrad Koch and Janeane Garofalo’s fringe shows and that he will be seeing The Cat in the Hat the next day.

Right-wing sex question framed as the most right-wing person, rather than specifically politician.

At time mark 42:00, CK presents his puppet Chester Missing, who is interviewed by RH.

RH asks Chester Missing the emergency question: Have you ever tried to suck your own cock?

At time mark 46:00, RH presents his puppet Right Bollock.