Title: Di and Dodi Threesome

acast Time: 1:08:37
Youtube Time: N/A

Original Record Date: Unknown
acast Publication Date: October 5, 2022
Youtube Publication Date: N/A

Please Welcome a Man
Who wants to express his profound grief at the death of Queen Elizabeth II, like Greggs and everyone.

Acronym Modification

Cool Kids
I was talking to 100,000 Paddingtons today, piling up on 100,000 rotting marmalade sandwiches.

Guest Best Known
As the girl who smelled of spam from the TV, seminal sketch show, still celebrated today: Fist of Fun.


Better or Worse than Last Week: N/A
Like or Unlike Wikipedia: N/A

Member Member Note
Olly SP’s son
Connor SP’s cousin

Emergency Questions

I accidentally elbowed Denise van Outen in the face on Channel 5’s Celebrity Game Night. What is the worst injury you have directly or indirectly caused to a celebrity or person of renown?

Apart from you? No, but Hugh Grant doesn’t talk to me. ‘Cause I got very drunk in Thailand and was very indiscreet and he became afraid of my giant mouth. I lost my flip-flops in the sea and I was sick in the guitar bar’s toilet. And now he doesn’t talk to me except on set, which is completely fair enough.


This episode was recorded the same day as Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin procession through Edinburgh.

RH tells story of seeing Princess Diana at Wimbledon.

RH and SP apologize to one another for past grievances and accept one another’s apologies.

SP sends out greetings RH’s father Keith Herring.

RH tells a story about how he and Steven Moffat climbed up the Christmas tree at a BBC holiday party. RH notes that he was not invited back.

RH notes that Julia Sawalha once called RH “Dexter” during sex.