Title: Diplodocus

acast Time: 1:04:24
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Original Record Date: Unknown
acast Publication Date: October 19, 2022
Youtube Publication Date: N/A

Please Welcome a Man
Who was nearly sucked off by a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Acronym Modification

Cool Kids
I was talking to Blue, the raptor from Jurassic World.

Guest Best Known
MB: As Dougie in Down the Caravan.
SG: As the narrator of Rocking Rugby Years.
EJ: As the guitarist from the indie punk band Heck.


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Member Member Note

Emergency Questions

If you had to be given oral sex by a dinosaur, if you had to be, which dinosaur would you like to be mouthed to completion by?

EJ: I would say, for the jeopardy, a velociraptor.

MB: I would say something like a – We used to call it in the old days a diplodocus. Now we call it a diplodocus. *SG asks when this shift in emphasis occurred.* Thirty years ago, I think? I was watching Jurassic Park and they said “diplodocus.” I was like, What? Oh, you mean a diplodocus. So, for two reasons. They’re plant eaters, unlike a velociraptor. So they won’t have the, sort of, sharp teeth. Lucky for me the diplodocus has a got a very long neck.

If you could go into a chrysalis and turn into anything else – you can melt in there if you want – and you still have your memories, what would you turn into on the other side?

MB: *Parodying RH’s response when asking Bob Mortimer this question during the previous episode.* I’d like to be a short, weak man. Just to see what it’s like.


Guests are Mike Bubbins, Steff Garrero, and Elis James.

The Socially Distant Sports Bar Podcast donated their appearance fee toward the purchase of a defibrillation for public use.

In response to this donation, RH notes that they would double the fee for the Socially Distant Sports Bar Podcast.

RH tells a story about meeting Jimmy Tarbuck.