Title: Thid

acast Time: 1:24:30
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Original Record Date: Unknown
acast Publication Date: November 9, 2022
Youtube Publication Date: N/A

Please Welcome a Man
Who is returning to his birthing place to spawn, so watch out ladies.

Acronym Modification
Richard Herring’s London South Transmission Podcast

Cool Kids
I was talking to Dave and Sheila from Goblins Wine Bar that closed down. It was on Bedford Hill. Closed down twenty years ago. They’re probably both dead now. They were fantastic though.

Guest Best Known
For playing Perun in Xenoblade Chronicles 2.


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Member Member Note
Sharon noted the interesting theory of individuals believing viruses to be alien and travelling through time and space
asserts that she does not believe the theory

Emergency Questions

Have you ever seen a ghost?

No, but I’d love to. I’m just, you know, I’m neither a believer nor a denier because I have no evidence either way. Well, actually – because the absence of evidence does not mean something is not. *RH asks RL what sort of ghost she would like to see, as she seemed very excited at the prospect of seeing one.* Well yes, I want something  – well, dare I say tangible? Tangible. Something where – Just a definite, just a definite experience where I can go, That was, that was spooky. You know, a person walking through a wall or something like that. But not just a light flashes by or, you know, those spinning. You see videos. Or, or just you see videos of things moving unexplained. That would work for me. Not those… there’s one of sticks. You know, those flying twizzle sticks. And you see videos of these twizzle sticks and they go, “Those look like aliens!” And you go, “They look like dragonflies.” Just really fast, you know? You just don’t have your shutter speed. *RH notes that he has never seen that sort of video.* Well, they’re always black and white and grainy and they’re just like this *makes face or hand motions*. I don’t believe it. So I love the videos of things moving.

Ernie Herring: Do ghosts have bum holes?

Do I think they have bum holes? I think they have everything they died with. Except for the one ball. *RH posits that ghosts are a projection of the living individual’s appearance, and since ghosts are transparent they don’t have internal organs and the like.* Oh, I see. *RH notes that one never sees a ghost without pants, although people must often die without pants on.* Oh, all the time; especially in politics. *RH notes that one never sees a ghost with its ass out.* Well, have you ever been to a haunted hospital? Because they don’t put backs on those gowns. But they have a mouth and that’s just the other end of the asshole, isn’t it? It’s just one long tube. […] Do you think ghosts end up being more like Ken dolls when they die? Do you think their butt cheeks are literally one big butt cheek that has a bit of a seam but not an actual…? But they’re not tangible. You could put your finger… You know I realize in my head I was going sideways through the cheeks, obscuring them. But everyone listening would have gone, “Why is she sticking her finger, like, straight through? I’d probably use a stick, if I’m honest. If I did see a ghost, I wouldn’t use my actual hand. But then how could I tell if it was cold? *RH doubts RL’s stick proximity to a stick when she happens to see a ghost.* Okay, maybe the poker near the fireplace because obviously we’re in a gothic mansion of some kind. Well no, I’m not attacking it; I’m just seeing, you know, how does it hold its form?


Recorded at the Bedford in Balham as part of the Cheerful Earful Festival .

At the end of the recording, RH collects donations for Scope.