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BBC conspiracy of silence/BBC employees being found out/Operation Yewtree, Celebrity Mastermind, comedy Googlewhack/nostalgia comedians/Peter Kay, Dirty Britcom Confessions, fans in Al-Qaeda, fucking idiot(s), Lannister notebook, Me 1 vs. Me 2, new parents not finding violence towards children funny anymore, Oscar Pistorius, Pointless Celebrities, put a Shrek in it, put Tim from The Office in it, Sliding Doors, Slytherin notebook, time between shows, visual joke

Episode 54 – Josh Widdicombe

24 Hours to Go Broke, 70's/80's television, Celebrity Mastermind, Christ on a Bike, cool IRA Brighton Bombing statement, dating Julia Sawalha, double act partner less funny, double act partner more successful, editing the podcast, enjoying recording all moments of RH's life, Frankie Boyle blocking RH on Twitter, insects in theatre, Metro column, mid-life crisis/shagging years, pushing through the quiet or hysterical stage, request that guest provides future guests, RH is tired, Scope, Sliding Doors, Slytherin notebook, Stewart Lee stealing RH's ideas/jokes, terrorist atrocities, The Truman Show, time between shows, visual joke, Warming Up, We're All Going To Die, Wikipedia/IMDB research

Episode 29 – Miles Jupp

AIOTM (AIOTM), Amy Pond from Doctor Who, audience not laughing at brilliant joke, audience of nerds, average audience member, Celebrity Mastermind, comedy Googlewhack/nostalgia comedians/Peter Kay, Emma Watson hands/trapping or distracting pedophiles, Fist of Fun, guest more successful/famous than RH, Jimmy Savile, Me 1 vs. Me 2, moon on a stick, put a Shrek in it, put Tim from The Office in it, sexcrement, Shreks of Westminster Bridge, Slytherin notebook, Stewart Lee masturbating ventriloquist dummy, This Morning With Richard Not Judy, Warming Up

Episode 16 – Russell Howard