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A Very British Cult, AIOTM (AIOTM), assassination opportunity, comedy Googlewhack/nostalgia comedians/Peter Kay, Desert Island Dicks, fucking idiot(s), Hitler Moustache, house getting egged, How Not To Grow Up, if that is your real name, Justin Lee Collins/Pukka pad, Lannister notebook, Nostradamus, Pointless Celebrities, postman, Sliding Doors, smashed Edinburgh cupboards, Stewart Lee masturbating ventriloquist dummy, The Actor Kevin Eldon, The Twelve Shows Of Herring, This Morning With Richard Not Judy, TMWRNJ never officially cancelled, Warming Up, Welsh accent, wish to be on telly, yogurt

Episode 66 – Emma Kennedy

AIOTM (AIOTM), Amy Pond from Doctor Who, audience not laughing at brilliant joke, audience of nerds, average audience member, Celebrity Mastermind, comedy Googlewhack/nostalgia comedians/Peter Kay, Emma Watson hands/trapping or distracting pedophiles, Fist of Fun, guest more successful/famous than RH, Jimmy Savile, Me 1 vs. Me 2, moon on a stick, put a Shrek in it, put Tim from The Office in it, sexcrement, Shreks of Westminster Bridge, Slytherin notebook, Stewart Lee masturbating ventriloquist dummy, This Morning With Richard Not Judy, Warming Up

Episode 16 – Russell Howard

Addams Family pinball, AIOTM (AIOTM), Amy Pond from Doctor Who, Andrew Collins's book as ballast, average audience member, Christ on a Bike, comedy Googlewhack/nostalgia comedians/Peter Kay, CW liking Sawyer from Lost, death of Kenneth Kendall, Just a Minute, Konnie Huq and the Oxford/Cambridge Celebrity Charity Boat Race, libel/if it's not true, sue me, Me 1 vs. Me 2, pushing through the quiet or hysterical stage, Scottish accent, Stewart Lee needing a fat funny man to tell jokes, terrorist atrocities

Episode 5 – Charlie Brooker